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Painting with Wilma

Painting with Wilma

Please call to reserve your space for this fun painting class. (520) 255-0830

Classes are either $40 or $50 per person. (The cost is depending on the canvas) All materials and handouts are included. Herbal and fruit-infused water will be served, as well as a European Dessert.

About Wilma Richards

As a child, Wilma was always told: “Look with your eyes, not your hands”. Her life revolves around her ‘touching’ things of beauty. She believes that we can ‘see’ with our hands and they in turn will tell their story to the soul and eyes of the beholder.

Her artistic work expresses the prescient message of spiritual and emotional beauty, with the challenge that looking is not as simple as it looks.

Wilma knows that she is but a mere instrument for high universal messages that infuse various forms of ‘healing’ into her art pieces.

Wilma is now sharing her artistic experiences with teaching and encouraging students to express themselves by ‘seeing’ with their hearts and soul and creating their vision to their canvases.



Sep 16 2023


11:00 am - 3:00 pm


The Garden at the Mercantile
Mesquite Mercantile inside the Mall at Sierra Vista


Wilma Richards
(520) 255-0830
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